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Repeat Viewing

Jul 25, 2020

We turn our gaze to the American war machine with two films uncannily matched for such a task, sending us into a deep discussion about the heart of America and our penchant for imperialism. It is our second podcaster battle in a row, as we deeply debate one of these films. Buckle up for a crazy ride up river!


Jul 17, 2020

Two films, one title. It's a no holds barred, bare knuckle brawl of a film chat, complete with some very unexpected twists, and a bevvy of deep cuts info on both movies. After the results of this match, expect us to do more vs. style episodes, because you're in for an intense and hilarious round!!

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Jul 8, 2020

In an episode that was destined to happen, we tackle one of our mutual favorite films, and share a compelling, dense discussion about it, as well as it's subject, brilliant 1980s painter Jean Michel Basquiat. As artists, we have a unique perspective on this film, as well as the world it portrays, and that angle leads to...