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Repeat Viewing

Apr 30, 2021

For our 101st episode, we share a brief chat about where this podcast has taken us, where it's headed, how it's changed us personally, and evolved our thoughts on film. Then we jump into probably the most appropriate follow up to GvK, with another "monster fight" movie. We discuss the trope-tastic not for...

Apr 8, 2021

We ring in our 100th episode with a rollicking big movie and the absolute ideal guest for it, Kaijumax comic book creator Zander Cannon. We get the lowdown on the big guys and probably look too deeply at this movie.


"Two guys explain to Kraig how to watch this kind of movie."

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Apr 1, 2021

In our most epic episode we welcome mega-nerd superhero expert & homeboy, Dylan Godfry (aka Dylan Drake), and tackle the biggest film in years: the Snyder Cut. It's a hilarious and detailed spoiler chat revealing hidden elements, dissecting the deeper character arcs/performances, speculating on subtext, plot twists, and...